How does the SHFT whitelabel marketplace work?

SHFT combines ride-sharing, dating apps and recruitment functionality to successfully match, book and manage marketplace users. Gone are the days of spreadsheet matching, automate your marketplace without incurring significant development costs.

Marketplace essentials

Allow users to sign up, create profiles, build their experience, receive automatic notifications and directly chat in-app.

User profiles

Profiles are the digital home for a user to update their experience, skills, certificates and other requirements.

chat function
Chat function

Just as it says. A live chat function allowing users to effectively communicate prior to selection and confirmation.

platform history
Platform history

Complementary to ratings, platform history increases the level of trust and validation of a user's profile and experience.


Toggling between a live-location and profile-location allows users to travel and access new opportunities.

Real-time response

Users are instantly alerted to relevant opportunities and are able to apply based on their own schedule.

Two-way rating

Both users can use the five star rating system which aggregates four unique qualities that you determine.

Transparency and control

Utilise admin access to support users. Customise all user alerts and prompts.

user alerts
User alerts

Customise all push notifications and emails based on user actions.

Admin dashboard

Full control over the entire platform, from users to chat and the matching algorithm

Customised matching algorithm

Customise the matching algorithm, user profile settings and requirements to match your industry.

Certificates & Licences

Providing another layer of matching, allow users to add additional documents with photo proof.

branding uio
Job Type & Experience

Acting as the main driver of matching users with opportunities, add and remove when needed.

Whitelabelled for you

Make the platform yours. Transform the colour scheme and logos to match your branding. Customise the matching algorithm, user profile settings and requirements to match your industry.

branding uio
Branding and UI

Style the app to best communicate your branding and build upon the user experience.

Operations are key

Leverage the automated customer billing and worker invoices for a frictionless solution. Control your growth with geo-restriction and an inbuilt referral system.

matching algo

Automatically generated invoices are sent to both client and user.

Referral System

Leverage your user base and create bespoke promotions and referral incentives to drive customer acquisition.

Geo restrictions

Enable restrictions for users outside of your serviceable area. As you grow, update the restrictions to match.

customer billing
Customer billing

Third party integrations through Stripe, allows easy and secure billing.

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