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Matching users with opportunities

The SHFT labour matching technology can be deployed within any industry that manages a contingent workforce.
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From site management to labour hire agencies, explore how the construction industry is able to mobilise their workforce.


Explore how Aged Care and NDIS service providers are able to communicate, engage and mobilise their workforce within Australia.


The Hospitality sector is adopting new technologies, explore how they communicate and mobilise their workforce.

Why organisations are choosing to SHFT

The modern workforce requires current technology to control their schedule and effectively communicate with management. Integrating with your organisations current technology, provide a single mobile app for your workforce.
Real time communication
Through our instant chat feature, managers are able to directly communicate with staff before, during and after a shift.
Shift alerts & reminders
Send custom alerts and set automated reminders prior to a shift commencing, have confidence in your workforce.
Instant shift fulfilment
Workers are alerted of new shifts which are relevant to them. Leverage our matching algorithm and geo-location technology.
Encourage superstars
Provide worker feedback through the five star rating system. Comprised of four key attributes, customised for your organisation.
Prepare your workforce
With shift management tools and calendar integrations, your staff can view upcoming shift details and requirements.
Book available staff
Automate your organisations shift fulfilment by providing a mobile app to book available staff, 24/7.

Expert support and integration

SHFT's technology team is based in Sydney and includes mobile app software engineers and creative designers to help your business deploy a fully branded and customised platform for your business.
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Labour-Matching Algorithm
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