Open shift fulfilment

Highly customised shifts are only sent to relevant users using our in-built matching algorithm. Automatically notify your workforce and have available workers apply and fill shifts within the hour.

Skills based matching
Only workers who have the relevant experience, skills and certifications will be notified.
Workers are able to search for shifts based on their home location and live-location.
shft app shown on iphone offering a hospitality and events shift for bartender

Real-time communication

The in-app chat functionality allows your organisation and workforce to communicate directly. Easily update the worker of any change and provide them with more information while on the go.

Chat and video
In-app chat and video functionality is available for candidate selection and on the job quality control.
Push notifications
Automated push notifications remind workers of new positions and their upcoming shifts.
shft app shown with push notification and chat feature

Personalised roster

Workers are able to track thier applied, upcoming and past shifts in chronological order. All shift details are stored in the job description  by simply clicking on the job card.

Calendar integration
Simply with one-click workers can add upcoming shifts to their personal calendar.
Shift navigation
A map view of the shift location is available to your workforce.
shft app admin dashboard showing customisable jobs and roles

Automated marketplace

Provide a self-service app to directly book available staff. Allow your management and recruitment teams to focus on customer success rather than shift fulfilment.

Marketplace essentials
Access a suite of features from two-way ratings, geo-fencing and admin oversight.
Whitelabelled apps
Customised to your branding and organisation. Launch your app to the App Store and Play Store.
shft app shown with push notification and chat feature