Open shift fulfilment

Reduce roster times and understand employee availability instantly by offering open shifts. Frontline workers are notified of new opportunties and management is then able to select the most appropriate employees for the shift.

Skills based matching
Send shifts to only qualified workers using our matching algorithm.
Workers are able to search for shifts based on their home location and live-location.
shft app shown on iphone offering a hospitality and events shift for bartender

Direct communication

Easily update your frontline staff of any changes and provide them with more information while on the go. Send scheduled reminders for shifts, expiring licences and more.

Instant messenger
Instant messaging is available for candidate selection and on the job quality control.
Push notifications
Automated push notifications remind workers of shifts and their upcoming schedule.
shft app shown with push notification and chat feature

Personalised roster

Managers can send frontline workers their upcoming roster together with key information. Any changes in the shift details will be automatically updated in the app and notified to frontline workers.

Calendar integration
With one-click workers can add upcoming shifts to their personal calendar.
Shift navigation
A map view of the shift location is available to your workforce.
shft app admin dashboard showing customisable jobs and roles

Employee self-service

Reduce the administrative tasks for your operational team by providing employee self-service. Allow employees to confirm their shifts and update their own employee information.

Shift confirmation
Employees are required to confirm their shift, which immediately notifies the operational team.
Update employee information
Within the employee profile they can update their contact information, through to licences.
shft app shown with push notification and chat feature