2020 Contingent Workforce Trends

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Do you have a contingent workforce?

A contingent workforce is a labour pool whose members are hired by an organisation on a casual, on-demand basis. For the last 20 years, the Australian business landscape has become increasingly ‘casualised’. Just last year, over 24% of Australia’s total workforce was employed on a casual basis. A trend on the rise, these contingent workforces are spanning across all industries, aiding all businesses big and small. From gig economy platforms, to Hotel and Hospitality Groups, to Staffing Agencies and Consulting Firms.
Marketplace Operators

Marketplace owners facilitate the connection between understaffed organisations, and on-demand workers. Use their contingent pool of workers to find the perfect balance between supply and demand

Labour Hire & Staffing Agencies

Organisations find on-demand, experienced workers to cover clients’ jobs. Often utilise internal systems to filter workers based on their location, skills and experience.

Multi-Site Operator

Organisations have a large pool of casual workers that they rotate internally within the Group, depending on fluctuating demand and peak season. 

Volunteers & Events

On-demand volunteers can choose to work where and when they want, filling in opportunities that suit them.